EG111 WALLACE, Lew Ben-Hur Pan (UK) 1959 G+ MTI 6 photos from movie € 7
EG113 BJERRE, Jens The Last Cannibals Pan (UK) 1958 G+ Webb-c photos & illos € 6
EG121 HAGGARD, H. Rider King Solomon's Mines Pan (UK) 1951 G- scruffy copy € 4
EG122 AINSLIE, Kenneth Pacific Ordeal Pan (UK) 1958 VG- fistfight-c € 6
EG136 WELLS, H.G. The Island of Dr.Moreau Pan (UK) 1977 G MTI with photos from movie € 5
EG149 CALDWELL, Erskine Greta Pan (UK) 1959 G+ great cover!! € 7
EG158 CHEYNEY, Peter You Can't Hit a Woman Pan (UK) 1953 G+ € 5
EG166 GARDNER, Erle Stanley The Case of the Grinning Gorilla Pan (UK) 1962 G Perry Mason € 6
EG171 MORGAN, Charles The River Line Pan (UK) 1955 VG- drawn-knife-c € 6
EG269 CALDWELL, Erskine Episode In Palmetto Pan (UK) 1960 G great cover! Small price sticker on front-c € 6
EG323 FLEMING, Ian Goldfinger Pan (UK) 1962 VG cool cover! € 7
EG325 FRANK, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl Pan (UK) 1954 VG Jax-c € 7
EG326 CHRISTIE, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles Pan (UK) 1958 VG Keay Egghead-c € 7
EL048 FLEMING, Ian Casino Royale Pan (UK) 1963 VG James Bond € 6
EL049 FLEMING, Ian Thunderball Pan (UK) 1965 VG James Bond; bullet hole cover € 6
EL050 FLEMING, Ian Dr. No Pan (UK) 1963 VG- MTI; James Bond; photo-c € 6
EL051 FLEMING, Ian Moonraker Pan (UK) 1971 G James Bond; photo-c € 5
FD003 CHARTERIS, Leslie The Avenging Saint [Knight Templar] Pan (UK) 103 VG- The Saint; Pollack-c € 7
FD004 CHARTERIS, Leslie The Saint Intervenes [Boodle] Pan (UK) 147 VG The Saint; Pollack-c € 7
FD098 CHARTERIS, Leslie The Saint Closes the Case Pan (UK) G358 VG+ The Saint € 7
FE006 MAPLE, Eric The Dark World of Witches Pan (UK) 1971 G+ 3rd print; many photographs & illos. € 5
FE007 HITCHCOCK, Alfred (ed.) Alfred Hitchcock's Hold Your Breath Dell 3658 1963 VG- Photo-c; Wells, Hudson, Mailer, Christie, Edmonds et al € 6
FE008 HITCHCOCK, Alfred (ed.) Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 16 Skeletons From My Closet Dell 8011 1963 VG Fred Banbery-c Kane, Bloch, Deming, Flora, Treat et al € 7
FE009 McINTYRE, Vonda N. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Futura (UK) 1982 G- € 4
FE010 CALDWELL, Erskine Midsummer Passion Avon 340 1948 VG- small lam peel € 8
FE011 WHEATLEY, Dennis Satanism and Witches Sphere (UK) 1974 G+ cover creases; Graves, Crowley, Cellini, Wheatley, Rohmer et al € 6
FE012 METRAUX, Alfred Voodoo Sphere (UK) 1974 G+ cover creases € 6
FE013 HAINING, Peter Witchcraft And Black Magic Hamlyn (UK) 1975 VG- full color illustrated € 6
FE014 FLEMING, Ian Moonraker Pan (UK) X234 1964 VG- James Bond; 18th print € 6
FE015 FLEMING, Ian Goldfinger Pan (UK) X238 1963 VG James Bond; 8th print € 6
FE032 MIALL, Robert Gerry Anderson's UFO Pan (UK) 1970 F- Photo-c € 8
FF033 CHARTERIS, Leslie Enter The Saint Pan (UK) G615 1963 VG+ The Saint € 7
FF040 HULME, Kathryn The Nun's Story Pan (UK) G291 1959 F Peff-c; Audrey Hepburn/Peter Finch movie € 6