We take pride in the quality of our books. However, sometimes we offer lesser-grade books simply because those are the only ones available at the time. Of course the price will reflect this.

We use the following grades when describing our books:
NM (Near Mint): almost new book.
VF (Very Fine): a nearly new book.
F (Fine): a book that has been read one or two times but shows very little wear.
VG (Very Good): a well-read book.
G (Good): A very well-read book. Yet complete, no major defects.
Lower grades such as Fair or Poor are not used.

Any distinguishing defects or blemishes will be noted and we do not sell books that have loose or missing pages.

We try to report any minor defects, such as names written on the inside page(s). However, experience has shown that this is an easy defect to overlook. If you are a purist, please let us know and we will double-check just to make sure!