EG096 HARVEY, Frank Jet Ballantine G+ fighter jet-c € 6
EG280 various war correspondents From Pearl Harbor Into Tokyo CBS 1945 G- spine completely faded; many photos € 7
EG281 various war correspondents The US Marines on Iwo Jima Infantry Journal G- very scruffy copy € 4
EG282 MARSHALL, George C. Selected Speeches and Statements Infantry Journal 1945 G store stamp on title page € 8
EG324 KUWAHARA, Yasuo Kamikaze: A Japanese Pilot's Own Story of the Suicide Squadrons Ballantine 1966 VG Schulz-c € 6
EG325 FRANK, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl Pan (UK) 1954 VG Jax-c € 7
EL204 MURPHY, Audie To Hell and Back Perma M-4029 1955 G rough copy € 4
EL228 KANTOR, MacKinlay Arouse and Beware Bantam 900 1951 G- Civil War; cover title damaged € 4
EL238 HUNT, George P. Two Days in Hell Signet 1440 1957 VG+ illustrated € 6
EQ013 HOWE, George Decision Before Dawn [Call It Treason] Pocket 748 1951 VG- MTI; 8 pages of photographs € 8
EQ046 SALTER, James The Hunters Bantam A1700 1958 VG- jet fighters-c € 6
EQ048 BROWN, Harry A Walk in the Sun Signet S1467 1957 G Barye Phillips-c € 5
EQ050 SCOTT, Robert L. Tiger in the Sky Ballantine 306 1959 G photo-c; damaged lower corner € 6
EU025 STANTON, Paul Village of Stars Perma M-4230 1962 VG+ race to stop A-bomb! € 7
EU039 EUNSON, Robert Mig Alley Ace D-365 1959 VG great cover! Jet-fighters vs Migs in Korea € 8
EU072 FRIZELL, Bernard Ten Days in August Popular Library G202 1956 VG- € 7
EU088 BLAIR, Clay Jr. Beyond Courage Ballantine 134 G- reprint; Crair-c; rough copy € 5
FF041 WILLIAMS, Wirt The Enemy Signet S1292 1956 G Stan Zuckerberg-c; submarine-c € 6