Here are some of the questions that we are asked most often, followed by an attempt to answer them. If these do not answer YOUR question, contact us by clicking on the Contact button on the left.

Do you only sell through the internet?
  Answer: No, not really. We occasionally sell our paperbacks at collectors' fairs in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Germany. However, the traveling and rising petrol costs make this less and less feasable.

Do you have a store I can visit?
  Answer: Yes, this one! As for a physical store, no, not right now!

How about a scan of the cover?
  Answer: Sure. We can make a scan of any book you find on our website. But please, no more than a handful unless you are a return customer. It takes a lot of time to photograph, desize and send a scan, so please give us up to a week's time.

Will you hold books for me while I look through your site?
  Answer: Of course! We will hold as many books as you like for up to two weeks. One month for return customers. If you need more time, just let us know and we will figure something out.

How do you ship your books?
Answer: We carefully wrap your book(s) in bubble foam and then package it in either a sturdy envelope (for up to two or three books) or a cardboard box. We then use the Royal Dutch Mail service. The choice of using Priority or non-Priority mail is up to you. We only use surface mail on request, since it may take up to eight weeks to get to you if you live in the United States or Australia.

The book/publisher/character/artist/favorite I'm looking for is not on your site. Can you help me?
  Answer: Definately! We offer an excellent book search service. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will try and find it for you. Want lists that we have dealt succesfully with in the past include: Robert Maguire covers, E.R. Burroughs books, DAW, knife or dagger covers, Midwood, western books, Mad pockets, corpse covers, Mary Rineheart, Paul Rader art, death's head covers, swimming pool covers, red dress covers and the list goes on and on!