EG291 DAHL, Roald Someone Like You Dell F139 1961 G black Kalin-c; 15 stories € 7
EG312 DOYLE, Arthur Conan Great Stories of Sherlock Holmes Dell F169 1962 G- Kalin-c; scruffy copy € 5
FC006 QUENTIN, Patrick The Man in the Net Dell D261 1959 VG Victor Kalin-c; 1st print € 7
FD033 RINEHART, Mary Roberts The Great Mistake Dell D251 1958 VG+ Victor Kalin-c € 6
FD034 RINEHART, Mary Roberts The After House Dell D352 1960 VG+ wraparound Victor Kalin-c € 6
FD036 RINEHART, Mary Roberts The Bat Dell D330 1959 VG Victor Kalin-c € 6
FD109 DAHL, Roald Kiss Kiss Dell F128 1961 VG Victor Kalin-c € 6
FF036 CREASEY, John Hang The Little Man Berkley F1280 1966 G+ Victor Kalin-c; small piece out of front-c € 6