EG242 FARLEY, Ralph Milne The Radio Beasts Ace F-304 G- Emshwiller-c water damaged but still cool-looking cover € 4
EQ026 BULMER, Kenneth/ST CLAIR, Margaret The Earth Gods Are Coming/The Games of Neith Ace Double D-453 1960 VG- Emsh-c € 7
EU038 SUTTON, Jeff First on the Moon Ace D-327 1959 G+ Ed Emshwiller-c; high noon in space! € 7
FD011 BRUNNER, John The Atlantic Abomination Ace 03300 VG+ Emsh-c € 6
FE004 SMITH, E.E. 'Doc' Skylark Of Valeron Pyramid F-948 1963 VG- Emsh-c € 7
FF006 NOURSE, Alan E. & MEYER, J.A. The Invaders Are Coming Ace D-366 1959 VG Emsh-c; spine roll € 6