Non Compos Mentis Books is a mailorder-only company residing in a small village near Rotterdam in the small country of The Netherlands, located in Central Europe.

For many years its proprietor, Ramon Schenk, has been a collector of vintage comics, books and paperbacks. Lacking any serious competition in Holland or its immediate surrounding countries, Ramon decided to try and spread the word about collectable paperbacks the best way he knew how -- by selling them to an audience often very unfamiliar with them as well as to the seasoned collector.

Here's how Ramon puts it:

"For years I have been collecting vintage paperbacks. It started as an outgrowth of my comic book hobby: I started looking first for paperback collections of my favorite comics, then branched out into paperbacks that featured my favorite comic book artists. Gradually I began to appreciate the inherent beauty of the paperback. It's design, it's art, the historical glimpse into the past...

Over the years I have collected thousands of paperbacks. My relatives, friends and even co-workers would point out the treasures. Lacking a trustworthy way of keeping tabs on my hoard, I amassed hundreds of duplicates or copies I don't really wanted to collect but could not bear to leave behind. As dups kept piling up, I realized I would have to try and sell or trade some of them. First I offered them to collecting buddies and that helped somewhat. But I still could not get rid of a couple of thousand books!

I therefore decided to use my limited internet capabilities to create a store on the 'net that would offer my books for sale to anyone coming along. I can now just sit back, maintain the site every week or two and still sell my books. As a happy side-effect I have made many new friends who are just as interested in the hobby as I am!"